John Rattray is an interior designer with Serba Interiors as well as design assistant to the firm’s principal designer and owner Kevin Serba. He has worked in the interior design industry since 2008 and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Wayne State University as well as a special certificate in architectural CAD applications.


Shortly after college, John began working with local antique dealers in Birmingham, Michigan, helping to sell and display merchandise for their shops and client’s homes.  During this time, his love of fine furniture and the decorative arts blossomed. That same year, he was fortunate enough to participate in a buying trip in northern England where he assisted in the selection of merchandise for the dealer he accompanied. His time in England greatly influenced his personal aesthetic and helped to guide his design philosophy towards its present state.


In 2010, John joined the Serba Interiors team, accompanying Mr. Serba on installations both locally and around the country. In the years that followed, he would become a design assistant with the firm, acting as coordinator on many projects and working closely with Mr. Serba on all aspects of the design process. Utilizing his background in antique furniture and accessories, he accompanies Mr. Serba on several annual buying trips around the country, helping to select unique art, objects and furniture for their client’s homes and the Birmingham studio.


Now an interior designer with the firm, John has worked on several local projects independently. He considers his style to be classic, elegant and historically informed – drawing from the surrounding architectural dialogue for inspiration and direction on each unique project. Tending towards a more updated traditional aesthetic, he focuses on reissuing enduring styles rather than succumbing to trends.


With a constant eye toward design, John regularly turns to his other interests for artistic inspiration. Gardening, theater, architecture and even music are all contributors to his broader design aesthetic.